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We test it so you can crank it The last thing you want to worry about is the quality of your speakers. We understand. All new Infinity products have to go through nearly 500 hours of environmental testing. We put them under temperatures fluctuating between –35°C and +90°C with up to 90 percent air humidity for more than 200 hours. We expose the speakers to UV light for more than 150 hours to simulate a mounting location on a rear deck. We even shake things up, as all of our new car audio products have to pass extensive vibration testing before we release them for production. We've made unparalleled efforts to ensure the best possible quality so that you can listen long and loud when you crank up an Infinity speaker.
At a Glance:
  • Polypropylene woofer cone
  • Large-roll rubber surrounds
  • Progressive spiders
  • Large, dual two-inch (51-millimeter) voice coils
  • Easy Install
  • Sealed boxes
  • Vented boxes
What's in the box:
  • 1 Reference 1060w subwoofer
Looking for a more moving audio experience. The Reference Series Subwoofers leverage innovative materials and breakthrough engineering to put us in front of the competition. So expect extreme output from these subwoofers, but be prepared for accuracy and detail that may surprise you.
Product Features:
  • Polypropylene woofer cone
    When you want to experience seriously low bass that is reproduced with detail and clarity, you need a woofer using a cone that is stiff yet lightweight. The Reference 1060W delivers an exceptional bass experience by using a woofer cone made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is the perfect combination of strength and light weight for high power handling and efficiency. It can deliver the deep bass notes that rattle your ride as well as the subtle bass notes of an audiophile-quality listening experience.
  • Large-roll rubber surrounds
    To ensure high-performance, distortion-free bass for all kinds of music, a subwoofer cone needs to be strong when moving the large amounts of air that we hear as bass. One of the places where a subwoofer cone can be at its weakest and can distort is where the cone attaches to the basket. To ensure that the cone does not bend or flex at this connection, a strong material must attach the basket to the cone. This attachment is called the surround. Where other companies’ products use inferior materials, the Reference 1060W uses large-roll rubber surrounds. The roll’s size and strength provide stronger cone-edge suspension and absorb any distortion that might travel up the cone’s edge. The result: exceptional sound quality and detail. And if better sound quality alone isn’t enough, rubber is much more durable than other materials commonly used in surrounds. It will provide many, many miles of rocking out to your favorite artist.
  • Progressive spiders
    No, this isn’t the bug but the name of the corrugated woven material just under the speaker cone. This important part of a subwoofer is designed to keep the subwoofer’s voice coil moving as linearly as possible. In other words, a well-engineered spider is key to keeping control over the entire woofer cone. To ensure optimum control, the Reference 1060W uses a progressive spider design that exerts more force as the voice coil reaches its limit. With a Reference subwoofer, you will hear nothing but deep, tight, distortion-free bass even under the most extreme performance conditions. As we said . . . go ahead and turn it up!
  • Large, two-inch (51-millimeter) voice coils
    When it comes to bass in the car, you want to turn the power up. However, too much power, converted into heat, destroys speakers. The Reference 1060W uses voice coils two inches (51 millimeters) in diameter, which provide plenty of heat-dissipating surface area with high output and long durability.. In fact, the 1060W can handle up to 1100 watts of peak power, far more than competitive subwoofers at the same price. So go ahead and turn it up. We want you to.
  • Easy Install
    You shouldn’t have to give up your entire trunk just to add some bass to your system. So we have engineered the Reference 1060W to work in any type of box and fit whatever listening requirements and available space you may have.
  • Sealed boxes
    Don’t have a lot of room? Looking to hear every subtle detail in your bass? Add a powerful subwoofer amplifier to a sealed box loaded with a Reference 1060W subwoofer. You just might hear all the sounds that you want to hear..
  • Vented boxes
    Have a little more space to work with? Want people to hear you coming? A vented box might be for you. Vented boxes maximize bass in the 40Hz to 60Hz range and make more efficient use of amplifier power for a huge bass experience.
Manuals & Downloads:
Algemene specificaties:
Power Handling (Continuous/Peak)
4 Ohms
Audio Specifications:
Frequency Response
25Hz - 400Hz
Afmetingen / Gewicht:
Diameter (in)
Mounting Depth (in)

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